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Visual IRC 2.0

Visual IRC (ViRC) is an open source Internet Relay Chat client for the Windows
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Visual IRC (ViRC) is an open source Internet Relay Chat client for the Windows operating system. Unlike many other IRC clients, nearly all of the functionality in ViRC is driven by the included script, with the result that the program's behavior can be extended or changed without altering the source code.

Main features:
- FREE - no registration fee, no time limit, no nag screen!
- Script editor - including visual form designer
- User profiles - give your friends, family, or pets their own presets
- Server lists - use different nicks or settings on different servers/networks
- Multiple server connections - chat on 10 networks without having to open 10 copies of the program; the window tab bar automatically groups windows by server
- Event sounds - hear kickbans from across the room
- Fully customizable text, fonts, images, and colors
- Fully customizable commands, menus, and toolbars
- DCC whiteboard - shared drawing space with recording and playback
- DCC and TDCC with firewall support - quickly send files and resume broken transfers
- Minimize to tray
- Background pictures and wallpaper
- Bold, underline, italic, 16 million foreground and background colors
- Save settings to registry or INI file - great for running ViRC from a floppy
- Powerful scripting language - The Versus script engine, greatly enhanced since Visual IRC '98, gives scripters access to every aspect of ViRC's operation and appearance.
- International messages - download Spanish and German translations, or make a translation for your favorite language
- Automatic update checking - find out immediately when a new version is released
- ActiveX scripting - aside from ViRC's native language, you can also write script routines in VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Python, or any other ActiveX scripting language

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